Komatsu 235-06-36422

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Wiring Harnesses Australia is now manufacturing replacement wiring harnesses for the Komatsu 825A-2 Grader.

Full rewire sets are available or individual wiring harnesses or battery cables from this set can also be purchased. We can also include modifications to wiring harnesses for site- or machine-specific requirements.

Our standard replacement wiring harnesses are made out of our polyethylene insulated GXL wire however our tinned copper wire can also be specified. Braid colours can also be specified to suit the set or individual harnesses, for example positive battery leads with red trace braid or negative battery leads with black braid.

Braid Colour Range: Black, Gold, Red, Blue, Orange, Green

For a quote on our Komatsu 235-06-36422 replacement harnesses, please call or email us.


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